Independent research firm, Kantar Media*, confirms that Hospital Information Executives who read Healthcare IT News in print and online are involved in making purchasing decisions for the following products/services:

Areas of Purchase Involvement: % of Readers
Clinical IT Software/Service (EMR, RIS, PACs, etc.) 98%
Computers & Related Equipment 97%
Handheld/Wireless Technologies 96%
Business IT Software/Services 95%
IT Consulting 94%
Communication Systems 92%
Financial Software 78%
Imaging/Radiology 75%
Patient Care/Monitoring Equipment/Services 72%
Service (Equipment) Contracts 68%
Business Equipment/Supplies/Furniture 61%
Management/Business Consulting 57%
Clinical/Technical Education 55%
Other Medical Equipment 53%

* © Kantar Media, 2011 Hospital Management Study, MARS Medical Online Analysis