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Healthcare IT News is read on all media platforms, reaching 54,100* qualified subscribers in print and more than 143,000 readers in both print and online. Subscribers are comprised of IT, C-suite, general and clinical management at hospitals, large group practices, ambulatory care facilities, home health organizations, payers and more. Healthcare IT News also reaches all HIMSS members.*

Job Title*

Job Title

Industry Type (Work Site)*

Industry Type (Work Site)

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*** CSO, Dir/Mgr Information Security/Site Security; Dir/Mgr IT/IS/Data/Other IT; Dir/Mgr Network, Telecom, e-Health, Internet, Intranet, Call Center; Dir/Mgr Medical Records, Medical, Nursing Informatics; IT professionals: programmer/Develop, Systems/Applications/Clinical Analyst
**** Also includes Exec Dir, Administrator, Group Practice Mgr; Partner, Treasurer; Exec VP, Senior VP, VP, General Mgr, Asst. Administrator; VP Finance, Finance Dir, Controller; VP/Dir/Mgr Managed Care, Patient Access Accts, Admissions, Quality/Risk/Patient Safety/Compliance
***** Also includes CMIO, CNIO, Medical Dir, Chief of Staff ; VP/Dir/Mgr Nursing; Chief/Dir/Mgr Radiology/Imaging, Cardiology/ Oncology/Pathology, Emergency Dept/Acute Care, Ambulatory Care, Laboratory Services/ Pharmacy, Other Clinical Depts; Hospitalist/Physician/Nurse